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We Seo Law provides specialized SEO services for nonprofit legal services across England and Wales. We help nonprofit organizations enhance their online presence, making it easier for individuals and communities in need of free or low-cost legal assistance to find you on search engines like Google. Our approach includes selecting the right keywords that are relevant to the legal aid you provide, improving your website’s content, optimizing your site for local searches, and building links with other reputable legal, social service, and community sites. Our goal is to help your nonprofit stand out online, attract more clients who need your services, and stay ahead of other legal aid providers. Choose We Seo Law to effectively grow your nonprofit legal service’s digital visibility.

Solicitors SEO Services

Our Story

We SEO Law was born from a simple observation: While many solicitors in England and Wales offer exceptional legal services, they often struggle to gain organic visibility online.

Recognising the crucial gap between legal expertise and digital visibility, our founder, an SEO strategist with a passion for justice and fairness, decided to bridge this divide.

Our journey began in a small coffee shop, with just a laptop and an unwavering commitment to help solicitors flourish online.

We take pride in crafting bespoke SEO strategies that transform complex legal services into compelling online presences.

A fundamental aspect of our strategy is ensuring we avoid conflicts of interest. We meticulously vet potential clients to guarantee that we’re not serving competing solicitors in the same geographical area or legal niche. This commitment to integrity ensures that each of our clients receives a dedicated and focused approach to their SEO, enabling them to stand out without compromising their values or ours.

Our story isn’t just about our journey; it’s about empowering solicitors to connect with those in need of their services, ensuring justice is always just a click away.

Law SEO services

  • Online SEO Services

    Our online SEO services are designed to boost your business’s visibility on the internet. 

  • Link Building

    Our link-building service focuses on creating high-quality, ethical links that drive traffic back to your site. 

  • Content Creation

    Our offerings range from compelling blog posts and informative articles to insightful whitepapers, all curated to achieve high search engine rankings and provide substantial value to your readers or viewers.

  • Local SEO

    This encompasses refining Google My Business listings, local citations, and reviews, ensuring your law firm dominates local search results.

  • SEO Audits

    We conduct comprehensive SEO audits tailored for law firms, identifying areas for improvement to enhance your online presence. 

Why Choose us


Choose a Uk-based team trained in law and SEO.

Enhanced Visibility

Increase your law firm's organic online presence.

Strategic Growth

Targeted strategies for market expansion and client base increase.

Competitive Edge

We always make it a priority to be tidy, punctual and professional.

Solicitors SEO FAQ

Law firm SEO is the practice of optimising a law firm’s online presence to increase visibility in search engine results, attract more potential clients, and establish authority in the legal industry.

SEO is important for law firms because it helps potential clients find your services online, increases your firm’s credibility, and can significantly improve the quantity and quality of enquiries.

SEO for law firms is specialised due to the competitive nature of legal keywords, the need for professional content that adheres to legal advertising ethics, and the importance of local SEO for attracting clients in specific geographic areas.

Keywords are terms and phrases that potential clients use to search for legal services. They are crucial for law firm websites as they help search engines match user queries with relevant content on your site.

Identifying the right keywords involves researching the terms and phrases your potential clients are using, analysing competitors, and understanding the intent behind the searches.

Local SEO optimises your online presence to appear in search results for a specific locality. It’s crucial for law firms because most clients look for legal services within their geographic area.

Regular updates are recommended, as fresh, relevant content can improve search rankings and keep your firm’s website engaging for visitors.

Backlinks from reputable sites act as endorsements for your website, improving your site’s authority and potentially its ranking in search results.

Ensure your website has a responsive design, loads quickly on mobile devices, and provides a user-friendly experience on smartphones and tablets.

Positive reviews can boost your local SEO presence, improve credibility, and influence potential clients’ decisions to choose your firm over others.

Active social media profiles can improve your firm’s online visibility, drive traffic to your website, and indirectly contribute to your SEO efforts.

On-page SEO involves optimising individual web pages, including content and HTML source code, to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic.

SEO is a long-term strategy. It can take several months to see significant improvements in search rankings due to the competitive nature of legal keywords.

Yes, blogging is beneficial as it provides a platform to publish relevant content, incorporate keywords, and keep your website active, which are all positive signals to search engines.

Key metrics include organic traffic, search rankings for targeted keywords, conversion rates, backlink quality and quantity, and local search visibility.

Website security, such as using HTTPS, is a ranking signal for Google. A secure site can improve trust and protect client information, which is essential for law firms.

On-page SEO is often viewed as more beneficial than paid ads for several reasons: it’s more cost-effective since it doesn’t require ongoing expenses like ads do; its effects are longer-lasting, providing consistent traffic over time; and it typically enjoys higher trust and credibility with users, as organic results are generally viewed more favorably than sponsored ones.

Paid ads can complement SEO efforts by providing immediate visibility and targeting specific demographics or regions, but they do not replace the need for a strong organic SEO strategy.

‘Google My Business’ is a free listing that allows your firm to appear in local search results and Google Maps, essential for local SEO.

Yes, recognising the diverse schedules of our clients, our office cleaning East London services are available on weekends and most public holidays, though we recommend advanced booking.

The effectiveness of your SEO strategy can be measured by a variety of metrics such as improved search rankings for targeted keywords, increased organic traffic, higher engagement rates, and a rise in quality leads. Regularly reviewing these metrics will help you understand the success of your strategy and where adjustments may be needed.


The best way to get started is by conducting an SEO audit of your current website, defining your goals, and developing a tailored SEO strategy that adheres to best practices.

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